Alright, let me spill the beans about my THC-infused adventures with Melo’s tantalizing beverages! Buckle up for a fizzy ride as I break down each flavor from a firsthand perspective.

Grapefruit THC Seltzer

MELO GRAPEFRUIT_1 First things first, the Grapefruit THC Seltzer swept me off my feet with its tangy zing and refreshing vibe. As a die-hard fan of citrus, this one had me hooked from the first sip. It’s like a burst of sunshine in every can, and the best part? It’s not overly bitter like some grapefruit-flavored drinks can be. The effects were just as delightful—gentle and euphoric without knocking me out. Perfect for a laid-back day at the beach or a chill evening on the porch.

Wild Berries THC Seltzer


Next up, the Wild Berries THC Seltzer. Now, I have a soft spot for anything berrylicious, and this one didn’t disappoint. It’s a fruity fiesta in a can, bursting with sweet and tart flavors that dance on your taste buds. However, I’ll admit it’s a touch sweeter than I expected, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But hey, it’s a hit at parties! The effects were similar to the Grapefruit—subtly uplifting without overwhelming. A solid choice for a fun night with friends.

Variety Pack


Can’t make up your mind? Fear not, because Melo’s got your back with their Variety Pack. It’s like a treasure chest of flavors, including Grapefruit, Wild Berries, and a surprise guest flavor to keep things interesting. Each can is a mini adventure, and at 5mg of THC per serving, it’s easy to find your sweet spot without going overboard. Plus, it’s great for sharing (or not)!

Comparison & Final Thoughts

Now, if I had to pick a winner, I’d give the Grapefruit a slight edge for its refreshing taste and versatility. But hey, the Wild Berries isn’t far behind, especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth. And let’s not forget the Variety Pack—it’s like a party in a box! Melo’s seltzers truly offer something for every palate and mood.

Ready to dive into the bubbly world of Melo’s THC Seltzers? Here are the links to grab your own taste of bliss:

So go ahead, crack open a can, and let the good times flow! Cheers to Melo for adding some extra sparkle to my relaxation routine.