Flowers have been used for centuries to convey emotions, sentiments, and messages without words. The meanings associated with different flowers, known as “floriography,” offer a rich and symbolic language. In this expert guide, we will explore popular flowers and their meanings, shedding light on the messages they convey, with references from horticultural experts, government agencies, and academic sources.

The Language of Flowers

Understanding the symbolic meanings of popular flowers can help you express sentiments and emotions through the art of floriography.


Red Roses

Symbolizing love and passion, red roses are the quintessential flower of romance.

White Roses

Representing purity and innocence, white roses are often used at weddings and in sympathy bouquets.

Yellow Roses

Signifying friendship and joy, yellow roses are a perfect choice for celebrating platonic love and happiness.

Pink Roses

Pink roses convey admiration, gratitude, and appreciation. Light pink symbolizes admiration, while dark pink represents gratitude.


Calla Lily

Known for its elegance and beauty, the calla lily represents purity and rebirth.

Casa Blanca Lily

Casa Blanca lilies symbolize celebration, making them a popular choice for weddings and joyful occasions.


Gerbera Daisy

These cheerful flowers signify innocence and purity, making them a suitable choice for expressing childlike joy.

Shasta Daisy

Shasta daisies symbolize new beginnings and positivity, often used to wish someone well on a new journey.


Red Tulips

Red tulips are a declaration of love, similar to red roses, but with a more delicate touch.

Yellow Tulips

Yellow tulips represent cheerful thoughts and sunshine, making them ideal for brightening someone’s day.


Purple Iris

The purple iris symbolizes wisdom and compliments, making it an appropriate gift for someone you hold in high regard.

Blue Iris

Blue irises convey faith and hope, offering a message of encouragement.


Understanding the meanings associated with popular flowers empowers you to communicate emotions and sentiments effectively through the art of floriography. The choice of flowers in bouquets and arrangements can go beyond their aesthetic appeal, serving as a meaningful and heartfelt expression of your feelings.

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