Alliums, known for their unique spherical blooms, are a popular choice in many gardens. In this expert guide, we will explore whether alliums come back every year as perennial plants, with references from government sources, horticultural organizations, and academic experts.

Introduction to Alliums

Alliums, a diverse group of plants that includes onions, garlic, and ornamental alliums, are admired for their distinctive globe-shaped flowers and wide range of species.

The Perennial Nature of Alliums

Ornamental alliums, in particular, are classified as perennials, which means they return year after year. These ornamental varieties are cherished for their striking flowers and hardiness.

arieties of Ornamental Alliums

There are numerous species and cultivars of ornamental alliums, including Allium aflatunense, Allium ‘Purple Sensation,’ and Allium ‘Globemaster.’ These are known for their perennial nature.

Growing Conditions

To ensure that alliums return as perennials, it’s crucial to plant them in the right growing conditions, including well-drained soil and adequate sunlight.

Planting and Care

Proper planting and care, including adequate watering, can help promote the perennial growth habit of ornamental alliums.


While ornamental alliums themselves are perennials, you can also propagate them through division to create new plants.

Garlic and Onion Alliums

In contrast to ornamental alliums, garlic and onion alliums are usually grown as annuals. They are typically harvested in their first year and replanted from bulbs or seeds each year.


In summary, ornamental alliums are perennial plants that come back year after year, provided they are grown in suitable conditions and receive proper care. These unique and captivating plants can grace your garden with their eye-catching blooms for many seasons.

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