Container gardening offers the opportunity to adorn your outdoor space with beautiful blooms even as the fall season approaches. In this expert guide, we introduce you to 23 top fall flowers suitable for container gardens, drawing upon references from government sources, horticultural organizations, and academic experts.

Introduction to Fall Flowers in Containers

Container gardening allows you to bring the vibrant colors and charm of fall flowers to patios, balconies, and small spaces, creating a seasonal oasis.

Mums (Chrysanthemum spp.)

Mums are quintessential fall flowers, available in various colors. They are hardy and easy to care for in containers.

Pansies (Viola spp.)

Pansies come in rich autumn hues and can withstand cooler temperatures. They are ideal for container gardens during the fall.

Ornamental Kale and Cabbage (Brassica oleracea)

Ornamental kale and cabbage offer unique foliage in various shades, adding texture and color to your containers.

Asters (Aster spp.)

Asters are classic fall perennials, providing daisy-like blooms that attract pollinators.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

Calendula, or pot marigold, offers bright, daisy-like flowers that thrive in cooler temperatures.

Snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus)

Snapdragons provide vertical interest with their tall spires of colorful, snap-like flowers.

Rudbeckia (Rudbeckia spp.)

Rudbeckias, or black-eyed Susans, showcase vibrant yellow, orange, and red daisy-like flowers.

Salvia (Salvia spp.)

Salvias produce spikes of tubular flowers in shades of red, purple, or blue, attracting hummingbirds.

Marigolds (Tagetes spp.)

Marigolds offer sunny, yellow or orange blooms and are easy to grow in containers.

Alyssum (Lobularia maritima)

Alyssum provides fragrant clusters of tiny flowers in shades of white, pink, or purple.

Lantana (Lantana spp.)

Lantana is a heat-tolerant choice, producing clusters of small, tubular flowers in a mix of colors.

Oxalis (Oxalis spp.)

Oxalis, or shamrock, offers clover-like leaves and dainty flowers in various shades.

Chrysanthemum Daisies (Leucanthemum spp.)

Chrysanthemum daisies are a classic choice, featuring white petals and a yellow center.

Heuchera (Heuchera spp.)

Heuchera, or coral bells, provides colorful foliage and dainty, bell-shaped flowers.

Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum)

Fountain grass adds texture and height with its feathery plumes that turn rust-colored in the fall.

Celosia (Celosia spp.)

Celosia, or cockscomb, offers unique, crested flowers in various bold hues.

Autumn Joy Sedum (Hylotelephium ‘Herbstfreude’)

Autumn Joy sedum boasts pink, broccoli-like flower heads that transition to rust in the fall.

Ivy (Hedera spp.)

Ivy can be used as a trailing or climbing element in your containers, providing greenery year-round.

Japanese Blood Grass (Imperata cylindrica ‘Red Baron’)

Japanese blood grass features red-tipped blades, adding color and texture to your containers.

Japanese Anemone (Anemone x hybrida)

Japanese anemones produce delicate, daisy-like flowers in shades of pink or white, perfect for late-season color.

Winter Pansy (Viola wittrockiana)

Winter pansies offer cheerful blooms throughout the fall and winter months, even in cold climates.

Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens)

Wintergreen provides glossy, red berries and evergreen foliage, adding seasonal interest to your containers.


With these 23 top fall flowers for container gardens, you can create a stunning display of autumn beauty on your patio, balcony, or any outdoor space. To ensure their success, consult local horticultural organizations and gardening experts for specific advice and recommendations tailored to your region.

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